FFIRC Projects

This isn't us, though the one way in the back does bear a startling resemblance to... ah, never mind.

Welcome! These are the fics and other projects we've put together as a group. We hope you enjoy reading them, and please E-mail us and let us know what you think. Fan art submissions for this page are always welcomed. Just warn us for high kilobyte transfers.

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Besides writing our own fics, we sometimes get together to make humorous commentary on some of the more... unique fics that we find on the Fanfiction Mailing List. (tj:: though -I- myself tend to have very little to do with this part. . .)

One Hour Challenge new!

Possibly the 'iron chef' of anime fanfiction. The details are managed by Gary Kleppe and Fido, so check out this link for information!


Would you believe this is one of our parties? Didn't think so. . .