Okay. Every organisation has to have something that. . .well. . .organises it. In essence, a guideline list, or set of rules. Since this is a voluntary organisation, there isn't really much as far as rules I want, or even need, but with quite differing view we have without even 100 people (as of 1999 jan), we still need some guidelines of acceptable behavior to maintain civility.

here's a list of what not to do.

Don't idle.
What's idling? Sitting there. Letting your connection take up server space. Not contributing, basically.

This isn't an unforgivable sin, but consider this: You come in and find about 6 people in the channel. You're pumped about the latest fic from Gary over here, and are eager to talk about thoughts, but no-one answers when you talk. That kinda reflect badly on FFIRC, ne? Not to mention thats a very UNDERNET-ish thing to do.

What TJ will do: If you idle, let us know why before you take off. You also try your best to answer when spoken at. If after 35 minutes or more, you've been idling and you don't answer when spoken at, then I will kick you. Why? Because you probably need your attention elsewhere anyways.

Don't talk dirt.
What's dirt talk? Swearing, trash, vulgar language, explicit descriptive language, and the like.

This should be a no brainer here. If it can't be said on Public TV, then don't say it here. Why? Cause the Youngun`s like fanfictions too, and since for the most part -I'M- responsible for everything FFIRC here, it's my job to make sure the people who shouldn't see it, and don't want to see it, do not. And consider this: we like to think we're along the more educated. . .intelligent forms of fandom <cough> so we shouldn't need colourful language to get our point acrost.

EXCEPTION- the only exception to the above is when you are actually talk about fic content.

What TJ will do: I'll warn ya either publicly or using the /NOTICE command, to PLEASE ease off. This is a courtesey here, friends, that I like to extend to all members that they don't have to put up with bad language. I work in a mall, I hear enough of it myself. If you are belligerant, or don't heed my warning, i'll mute you for a few minutes. If other members compain, I'll kick you.

Don't flame.
What's flame? Flame or flamming is insult, talk dirt about, degrade, smear, or otherwise slander someone/thing. This includes but aint limited to series, characters, writing styles, artists, members, dubs, or fics.

Flames are childish. If you truly believe your position, then you don't need to flame to get it off. Don't do it here. Other members want to talk about fics, not hurl insults, and if you think you need to flame, take it outta the channel.

What TJ will do: I'll warn you to knock it off once, for all parties involved, and encourage a change in topic, or take it elsewhere. If warning is not heeded, then parties involved will be muted or kicked, depending on the severity of the infraction.

If OTHER MEMBERS complain or bring it to my attention, then a week of temp banning will be considered. I'll live if you tick me off, but if you tick of everyone else, then something's going to give. This is not a whim action either, and can only be initiated by ME, no other staff save TODD (it is his server).

Don't talk irrelevance.

Another no brainer here. If it strays too far from fanfiction, then bring it on back.

What TJ will do: Growl in annoyance.

nothing terribly unreasonable here, but these aren't the only things not to do here. I just ask that everyone exercise a little civilty in my channel.