Joining is easy. Basically, you need to do these things to become a full member:

(1) Join the Mailing List! It's easy, and its moderated, so No Spam! You can join the ML one of two ways:

Either browse and fill out a form at this address:

OR you can Email here at this address:
With the subject and body of "SUBSCRIBE", minus the quotations.

2> Find an IRC client. We recommend MIRC for your IRC purposes, but anything down to a Telnet prompt will do.

3> Join the channel, and then register with the REGISBOT. Do this by typing [ /msg REGISBOT hello], minus the brackets. The bot will then give you your registration info. Follow up by picking a password for yourself.

Thats it! Now you're ready to participate in FFIRC!

Written by TJ

updated 8-13-99