Artificial Suns

Rising from a failed attempt of the Gamelon empire to destroy the mighty Yamato, the pair of incandesent, Wolfrum-based lifeforms know as "The Artificial Suns" descended to earth sometime in the distant past during the epoc code-named AWA III, and thence attempted to bring about "The End of the World As We Know It." Unfortunately, upon further examination of the resulting wreckage, it was discovered that everyone pretty much "felt fine" about it. Disillusioned at the failure of their scheme, one half of "The Artificial Suns" known as "Hil Hughes" traversed the globe, seeking a liklier target for world domination. He settled, naturally, in Japan, where so many other world-dominating organizations have successfully wreaked havok. The remaining half, known as "M.C.Wagner" continues his plans for world destruction based in the Atlanta area. Some of his recent schemes have inolved the use of an almighty "Tool," joining forces with those who would have us believe "They Might Be Giants" (although reports vary) in the employment of an Angel, an attempt at forcing "Garbage" on the world, and the use of a sinister form of "Classical Gas." His efforts continue unabated, although greatly reduced in stature. Unfortunately, reports have come in that "Hil Hughes" may have returned to the Atlanta area. The world trembles at the prospect of a re-unition of this pair.